Townhouse Children

Townhouse Children
Townhouse Children
Townhouse Children
Townhouse Children
Lena Halstead, Willie Hallstead, Robert Halstead
1911 Census for Lower Townhouse
William Halstead head - Farmer - Employer 54
Elizabeth Halstead wife 48
ROBERT Halstead son 22
WILLIE Halstead son 18
LENA Price Halstead dau 14
George Halstead son 13
Edgar Halstead son 11
Laura Halstead dau 7
Servants: Thomas Wall 33 Maggie Irvine 23.
James Dearden (1798 -1859 ) lived at Townhouse until his death in 1859. His sons and other family member were living there in 1871 and extended family continued to live at Town House until at least as records show 1939.
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