"Nora Royds" lifeboat, Eastbank Road, St Annes on Sea

"Nora Royds" lifeboat, Eastbank Road, St Annes on Sea
"Nora Royds" lifeboat, Eastbank Road, St Annes on Sea
"Nora Royds" lifeboat, Eastbank Road, St Annes on Sea
St Annes on Sea
The "Nora Royds" served from 1887 to 1908 replacing the "Laura Janet" which was lost with its entire thirteen man crew in the "Mexico" disaster of 1886.

The gentleman stood to the right of the wheel in the right-centre of the picture is Sir Charles Macara.

"Macara published numerous articles on labour questions, the organization of trade, philanthropic movements, and lifeboat work, the last reflecting the involvement of himself and his wife as residents of St Anne's-on-Sea, Lancashire, from 1884, in the Lifeboat Saturday movement, following the disaster at St Anne's in 1886, in which the local lifeboat was sunk with the loss of all crew.

Macara was created a baronet in 1911, and received many foreign decorations. He died at his home, Friar's Croft, Hale, Cheshire, on 2 January 1929, leaving one son, William Cowper Macara, who succeeded to the baronetcy, and four daughters. His wife also survived him. He was buried in the town cemetery, St Anne's-on-Sea, on 5 January"

Fron the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Online version)

In the background is the Wesleyan Methodist Church on Clifton Drive South which opened for worship in 1892.

The lifeboat house is out of picture on the left hand side.

This image is a copy taken from the collection of glass negatives in St Annes Library.
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