Black Abbey Fold

Black Abbey Fold
Black Abbey Fold
Black Abbey Fold
Black Abbey Fold
Black Abbey Fold with the farm house (the antiquated building in the fore-ground), the old barn is still standing in Black Abbey Street. The high building on the left is the Old St James Parsonage of the Rev John Hopwood 1812 to 1815.
It must have been a charming spot in olden times when all around were green fields and gardens situated by the clear flowing stream. Close by the lane was the crumbling ruins of the old Grange or Black Abbey and the old house in the fold had fruit trees growing at the end nearest the stream.
One man who had a garden here was known as Tulip Johnny on account of growing these flowers.
In 1818 the old farmhouse was occupied by James Kenyon who was a hand loom weaver and the Pollard family resided here 50 years ago.
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