St. Annes 1880-1920

St. Annes 1880-1920
St. Annes 1880-1920
St. Annes Glass Negative Collection
The glass negative collection at St Annes Library comprises 65 glass plates containing images of the Lytham and St Annes areas prior to the amalgamation of the two Urban Districts. The vast majority relate to St Annes.
Although at the moment we aren't certain how they came to be in the library it's probable that they have some connection with the local newspaper, The "Lytham St Annes Express", formerly the "St Annes on the Sea Express". Four of them were produced commercially as part of the Lancashire Holiday Resorts Series. Although we can't give precise dates to most of them we have been able to provide an approximate year. The date range runs from the early 1880s to 1920.
Copies of some of these images have been circulating for some years and have appeared in various publications relating to the Lytham St Annes area.
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