Edmundson Buck (1859-1941)

Edmundson Buck (1859-1941)
Edmundson Buck (1859-1941)
Edmundson Buck
Edmundson was born in about 1858 at Roughlee near Nelson. By 1880, he was living in Colne and employed as a Cooper. He moved to Clitheroe in 1884 as a cooper, but for half a century he devoted his interests mainly to photography. From 1901, his profession is given as a self-employed photographer. He was also a naturalist and student of local history and lore. He had a great love for the Ribble and Hodder Valleys which he helped to popularise throughout East Lancashire. He devoted a lot of interest to the study of the old halls in Ribblesdale and there must be very few places, if any, of local historical interest as well as beauty spots, of which he had not a pictorial record. In years gone by he was a frequent contributor to the Clitheroe Advertiser, his articles being illustrated from his own photographs.
He died in May 1941 aged 82.

This collection of glass slide photographs is now preserved at Lancashire Archives along with Edmundson's lecture notes.
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