"Dead Man's Penny", Private Graham Reece

"Dead Man's Penny", Private Graham Reece
"Dead Man's Penny", Private Graham Reece
"Dead Man's Penny", Private Graham Reece
St Annes on Sea
Graham Reece/Reese
Graham Reece had joined Kitchener's Army at a recruitment meeting in Lytham in 1914 and was a member of the King's Own Lancaster Regiment. Originally from Welshpool, he worked in Seymour Read's Grocers in Lytham and lived at 5 Park Street, Lytham with his wife Eliza. He died from exposure on 28th November 1915 when fighting in the Dardanelles. His obituary which appears on Page 8 of the Lytham Times of 31st December says, "He was well-known as the left-handed bacon cutter at Seymour Mead's, before the introduction of machinery, and was always very courteous to customers." His name appears on the Lytham war memorial and the Liverpool Roll of Honour.

The World War One Death Plaque or "Dead Man's Penny" was issued to the next of kin of servicemen who had died in the First World War.

A descendant of Private Reece kindly allowed us to photograph the plaque which is in her possession.

The image was taken at St Annes Library.
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