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The Lost Grotto Waterfall, Williamson Park, Lancaster
The 'Grotto' waterfall near to the lake in Williamson Park was one of the original features, probably created at the time of improvements to the old park around 1905 (when the stone bridge over the lake replaced the original iron one and the stone shelters were built).
There is no natural source of water above the falls. The water is pumped up from the lake, cascades down and then returns to the lake via a culvert.
At some point, the watefall fell into disrepair and disuse and was forgotten and we have, to date, found no original photographs of it.
In 2014, it was rediscovered by the Friends of Williamson Park who were clearing rhododendron bushes on one of their weekly work mornings.
The pump was broken, the cobbles loose, and vegetation covered the rock face down which it tumbles.
Public musical fundraising events for repairs took place, including a Ukulele Day, and the waterfall was restored and switched on once again on April 9 2017.
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