James Frederick Levisohn ARPS

James Frederick Levisohn ARPS
James Frederick Levisohn ARPS
James Frederick Levisohn ARPS
The images in this collection were taken by James Frederick Levisohn who was born in Yorkshire on 18 Apr 1900.
He was an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, and took these photographs of Lancaster and Morecambe district in the 1930s.
Levisohn died in Rutland in 1988.
These collection is made up from two separate deposits- DDX 3050 is 39 slides deposited directly at Lancashire Archives, and DDX 2744/ACC13102/37 is around a hundred negatives initially deposited at Morecambe Library but later moved to Lancashire Archives.

The collection contains a range of subjects from coastal scenes as well as some forays inland, The subject matter varies from fishing to amateur dramatics, PE lessons to a submarine, as well as children in fancy dress near Bentham.

Dating from the 1930s, there are glimpses of Heysham before the gradual urban spread encroached on farmland, as well as the beginnings of major changes in Morecambe with Rabbit Hill being dug out and the spoil being used to create an embankment to reclaim land that would be used for the Super Swimming Stadium.

Two images also show Sunny Lowry, reputed to be the first woman to swim the channel, at a cross-bay swim, but the location hadn't been identified yet. In later years did much to promote the Victoria Baths in Manchester, where her swimming career began.

These images have been scanned and listed here by an intern working at Lancashire Archives as part of Project Search, a supported internship programme for 16 to 24 year olds with learning disabilities and autism in Lancashire.
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