Burnley Clarion Choir

Burnley Clarion Choir
Burnley Clarion Choir
Burnley Clarion Choir
Burnley Clarion Choir
Montague Blatchford, Robert Blatchford
There is no information with the image, except that it may date from around 1911, and it may have been taken at the Clarion Socialist Club Smirthwaite Street, Burnley, which opened in 1910. By around 1895, Choral singing was one of the most popular activities amongst supporters of the Clarion movement, inspired by articles written by Montague Blatchford, in "The Clarion" newspaper, with the aim of promoting unaccompanied vocal singing. Montague, brother of Clarion editor Robert Blatchford, became the national leader of the Clarion Vocal Union. The Burnley Express 16th May 1908 p. 8, reported that the Burnley choir had won the Clarion Challenge Baton at the Clarion Vocal Union Contest held on 9th May 1908 in Liverpool, an event significant enough for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway to offer special cheap excursion fairs and a special late train from Leeds and Manchester to Liverpool.
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