Mather's Strike, protest march, 1928

Mather's Strike, protest march, 1928
Mather's Strike, protest march, 1928
Mather's Strike, protest march, 1928
Mather's Strike, protest march, 1928
J. Husband, Selina Cooper, Mather's
Around 23rd May 1928, at Mather's Scholefield Mill Nelson, Mr. J. Husband, long-serving employee and representative of the weavers' association, was dismissed allegedly for bad work. This caused his fellow workers to vote to strike for his reinstatement, the employers then threatened to lock out all the weavers in Nelson. Neither side backing down, on 30th May, this happened and 15,000 workers were locked out for nearly 7 weeks from to 14th July 1928 when eventually agreement was reached for Mr. Husband to be employed in another mill, and for the system of fining workers for poor work to be suspended at Mather's pending a full investigation into the system of fining in Nelson mills.

On 23rd June 1928 there was a march, organised by the Labour Party, from Nelson to Burnley to demand a meeting with the Guardians who administered outdoor Relief , to protest at a decision not to allow relief other than as loans. The Delegates from the march, including Selina Cooper J.P., herself a former Guardian, handed in a letter asking the Guardians to talk to them, the meeting voted not to do so. After being addressed by their delegates and singing The Red Flag, the marchers left in orderly fashion.
Photo taken on Manchester Road, near Savoy Cinema
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