Levens Hall, Dining Room

Levens Hall, Dining Room
Levens Hall, Dining Room
Levens Hall, Dining Room
Levens Hall, Dining Room
Around 1350, a Pele Tower was built by the Redman Family, but much of the current house dates from work to extend the house by the Bellingham family in Elizabethan times, when much of the ornate plasterwork and panelling was installed.
In 1689 the house and estates were sold to Colonel James Grahame, keeper of the Privvy Purse for James II, and he also extended the house.

Levels is famous for it's topiary, laid out by French gardener Guilaume Beaumont between 1689 and 1212 which has survived mostly intact and retains "almost all of the essential elements of the completed scheme as shown on maps of the park and gardens of 1730"

Levens Hall is reportedly haunted by a Grey Lady, people have claimed to have seen the ghost of a black dog who inhabits the stairs, and an amicable lady in pink.
Glass slide, positive
80mm x 80mm
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