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Escape Lockdown

Would you like to escape lockdown? If only in your imagination...

And become part of 'Escape Lockdown', our remote creative writing project.

Escape Lockdown

We have put together some interesting and intriguing historical photographs we hope will inspire your creative side.

EFL collage

Use an image on its own as inspiration to produce a creative response, for example a story or a poem - whatever you like, or  you might combine it in your imagination with other images in the collections to come up with an unusual story.

Once you have written something, please send it to us and, with your permission, we may publish it in "News from the Archives" and online.


You can do this by clicking the 'Comment' button above the picture and writing or pasting in your poem or story (up to 900 words) on to the comment form, or you can email it to archives@lancashire.gov.uk. Don't forget to mark it 'Escape Lockdown' and to tell us which picture(s) inspired you.

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