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For general enquiries about Red Rose Collections, please email: or contact Lancashire Archives & Local History

Lancashire Archives & Local History can provide a digital copy or hard copy for the Image Archive, Historical Documents, Police Index and Preston Guild Rolls. To request a copy and receive a quotation please visit Ordering copies and publications - Lancashire County Council Please quote the iBase ID number and description of the item. We do not provide copies for the Float collection.

To order copies of newspaper articles from the Newspaper Index contact the relevant library If a library is able to digitise a copy of the newspaper article for you, a quotation will be issued in response to your enquiry. Pricing will be dependant on administration, copying and postage.

Anyone wishing to reproduce, exhibit, or make commercial or other uses of an image in any medium should please contact regarding terms and conditions.

We are in the process of reviewing our collections policy. If you have a digital image you would like to donate to Lancashire Archives and Local History, please contact

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And a BIG THANK YOU to ALL the people who have provided feedback via the Comment button in the short time since we launched.

All the information you've been providing about the Who? Where? and When? of photos in the collection is invaluable to us... Please keep it coming!